Tricks to Reduce Your Bills During Winter
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Tricks to Reduce Your Bills During Winter

With winter approaching, it’s not only the number of clothes that would increase but also the bills. Winter varies in different countries in some countries the heating is required in the early parts of October and can go on till march and the consumption of the energy that keeps you warm is also not free. There are a few things that can be done to reduce the consumption of these resources that would help save a few bucks

Use the Sun

Even during the winter, the exposure to sunlight may contribute to the warmth therefore if your house is properly ventilated and has the exposure to sunlight leave the curtain open for the day, but as soon the sun sets make sure to close the curtain completely to prevent the draught.

Dress Adequately

This is another great way to cut down the cost, during the early part of winter you can even opt out of using the radiator if you dress properly. Most just wear one simple clothing because the radiator is on, but by increasing the layer of clothing the energy that is spent by using the radiator can be saved. It may little uncomfortable but it does help, get yourself a good sweater and you wouldn’t need to switch on or keep the heat high.

bed toppers
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Get a good warm blanket and wrap yourself warm, usually the blankets are very thick and cosy that you won’t need to switch on the heater in the night. There are many energy-saving electric bed toppers or blankets. They come in different sizes and make sure you go through the reviews and evaluate the safety before getting one. You can set the desired temperature and sleep on them throughout the night or you can let it heat up for some time and then switch it off before sleeping.

Reduce the Radiator Heat

Another way you can reduce consumption of energy is by reducing the radiator temperature, sometimes with the modification you do to the house like drawing curtain after sundown and dressing up properly you wouldn’t need to keep the radiator heat up high, you could reduce it to the required amount, and every time you leave the house turn down the heat very low or even better switch off the heater.

Try to adjust the temperature throughout the day, during the day time as you will have sunlight seeping in turn down the heat low and increase a little during the night. If the radiator is close to the windows make sure you don’t have curtains covering them because that would block the heat flow.


If you have got a fireplace move your furniture close to the fireplace so you can get the maximum heat.


Since most heat is lost through walls and roofs installing an insulator would save the bill to quite an extent. It may not be cheap to install but on the long run you would reap the benefits.


Rugs don’t just make good decorative item but also provide warmth. the floors can get cold, putting fluffy rugs across the floor can keep your feet really cosy.

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