Security Training : What Are The Do’s and Don’ts Of Passing

Security Training : What Are The Do’s and Don’ts Of Passing

There was a time when all you needed was to have the body of a soldier to get a security job with any company or security firm. As time goes by and papers become more and more important when it comes to careers –unless of course yours is self employed then the only papers you need are your business permits only.

Nowadays terrorists attacks have become a part of the news, it is hard to go for a week without hearing of a terrorist bombing in somewhere in the world. It is therefore only right that companies and even governments put some emphasis on security training. Most security personnel are both trained and armed poorly such that they could hardly stop any type of organized attack. Other than the bombings, there are also robberies and heists which take place in businesses and banks. It is important to ensure that the people protecting your valuables are well trained and equipped for the job.  This rise in the crime rates is part of the reason why there are private military contractors for hire. These are people who are well trained for high risk security jobs. Here are the dos and don’ts for passing your training:

•Making a Study Plan

When it comes to security training, most people tend to shy away from the theories part with the idea that physical training is more important. You should know that not many security companies are hiring guards who have no qualifications. It is therefore very important that you come up with a way of studying to ensure that you not only pass your physicals but also the class work you might be needed to undertake. A study plan is a great way of allocating time for study, relaxation and for other physical exercises. If you are not the type that can manage to study on their own and understand what you read, join or form a discussion group –this goes a long way in not only helping you pass but also boosting your confidence.

•Avoid Cheating In Exams

As a security guard you will be dealing with a lot of people and things that are either expensive or have sentimental value to others. It is important that you do not portray the characteristics of the same people that you are being trained to keep away. Cheating might not seem like a big deal –“most” college students do it anyway, but in security training it can be seen as a red flag. Make proper use of your study plan to ensure you cover all that is needed early on so that you do not feel the urge to cheat.

•Don’t Be a Class Clown

In most institutions of learning, it is easy to pull off this stunt and get away with it especially if you are doing great academically. However, when it comes to security training you need to refrain yourself from such behaviors especially in class. You might miss a valuable lesson that might have helped you save a life some day somewhere. The tutors are there to help guide you and it is not polite for you to rub it in their faces if you happen to understand the training better than most. Keep you head down and pay attention, know that whatever your trainers mention in your papers goes a long way towards building your career.

If you follow through with these simple rules, you will be celebrating your graduation form security training with flying colors. Just make sure that you take your new attitude and lessons learned with you when you get a job.

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