What kind of diet should you give your dog? Most people give their dogs processed foods like kibble or canned food, but this isn’t always the best option. One popular option is feeding your dog raw dog food, which many pet owners believe can help improve their dog’s health and lifestyle overall. Here are the benefits of raw dog food Melbourne that every pet owner should know about.

Healthy Skin and Coat

A diet of raw food, like raw dog food Melbourne, may improve skin and coat conditions. Raw meat contains important vitamins and minerals that can help keep skin and hair healthy and shiny. Pets with allergies or sensitivities may find that they feel better when they switch to a meat-based diet such as an all-natural, grain-free dog food recipe. While there is no scientific research behind these claims, many pet owners report improvement in their pets’ overall health after switching to a homemade or commercial raw diet for dogs.

 Proper Digestion

Dogs are carnivores, which mean they require a lot of protein and fat in their diet. The raw diet provides your dog with all of these nutrients. All meat proteins are digested by dogs much easier than other forms of protein like eggs and veggies, which contain many anti-nutrients that can interfere with proper digestion. Dogs also digest fat quickly, which is why fats should comprise about half of your pet’s total caloric intake on a raw diet.

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 Glowing Eyes

Raw dog food helps keep the eyes of your pet healthy and glowing. When you feed your pet raw meaty bones, it keeps their teeth cleaner and healthier. Their vision is also improved with better overall health from proper digestion from raw meaty bones.

Happy Tummy

Properly digesting meaty bones creates happy tummies in dogs. You will see that when you give your pet a new kind of bone they haven’t had before, they spend a while chewing on it and exploring all its different smells & tastes! They spend time digesting their bones which helps promote good gut health in dogs.

Longer Life Span

Raw dog food gives your pet a longer life span. The meat and vegetables used in raw dog food are far healthier for your pet than processed dry kibble. Research shows that dogs who ate raw and natural foods lived over 20 years old, which is far past any average lifespan for a typical dog. It’s almost like you’re lengthening their lives when you feed them real fresh, nutritious food! Dogs on kibble diets can get sick very easily; they don’t always receive all of their necessary nutrients from dry kibble and often aren’t getting sufficient protein or fats.

Healthier Gums

Raw dog food Melbourne helps prevent gingivitis in dogs. Plus, it is easier to keep your pet’s teeth healthy when he doesn’t get any of that leftover steak or chicken bone. Feeding raw food will also help your dog’s coat become smooth and glossy because he will be getting all of his essential vitamins. Another benefit is that you won’t have to deal with smelly breath when giving him raw food!

 Help Overcome Allergies

The way that dogs digest meat is different from humans. When dogs eat meat, their bodies break it down in a way that almost eliminates all of its potential for causing allergic reactions in dogs. Almost all commercial dog foods are made with cooked meats, which means they contain higher potential allergens. If your furry friend suffers from frequent allergies or digestive issues, switching to raw dog food can help alleviate these problems over time (yes, your pet will need to be on a strict diet for some time before any of these changes become visible).

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