Pyjama Material Guide: A Guide to Sleeping Well
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Pyjama Material Guide: A Guide to Sleeping Well

Almost a third of our entire life is spent sleeping so why not sleep comfortably. A comfy pyjama will not only give you a good sleep but will also help with other function such as thermoregulation while you sleep.

Picking a comfortable Pyjama can be a tough choice because there are so many types, fabrics and colours to choose from. No matter the type of Pyjama you are looking for there is one for everyone out there. Before you choose the style or colour the first step is to pick a suitable material depends on the weather conditions around you. Spend some time deciding the perfect material for you or your loved ones because after all a comfortable night’s sleep depends on this.

When it comes to Pyjama fabrics, some are lightweight and are ideal for warmer temperatures while others are heavy and made of thick fabrics for colder climates. The type of fabric also differs from adults to children. Kids might want a looser fit while adults look for a simple and sleek design. These are two main points to consider when picking the perfect Pyjama.

Below are some of the main type of Pyjama fabrics so you can get an idea of what you are dealing with.

Lightweight cotton pyjamas

When matching women’s or mens Pyjama shorts and tops, the go-to option is cotton because of its lightweight features. They are ideal for warmer temperatures because the material is breathable and is soft and cool against the skin letting you get a sound sleep.

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Cotton pyjamas are great for both adults and kids because they are stretchable and allows for easy movement. They can be as lounging wear as well. All types of pyjamas from full body to singlets come in cotton.

Flannel Pyjamas

First thing that comes to mind when you think about flannel is cosy winters. Flannel is a thick and heavy material which ideal when you require an extra layer of insulation. Flannel pyjamas are only suitable during winters when all you can do is cuddle up inside a comforter and sleep all day. Flannel pyjamas also make good lounge clothing while sipping on some hot chocolate by the fire.

To complete the full holiday costume, you can pair flannel pyjamas with a flannel robe and slippers.

Oh, and they also make perfect holiday gifts.

Supima Cotton Pyjamas

Supima cotton is one of the best types of cottons in the world. They are hands down the softest Pyjama material after silk. Compared to cotton pyjamas they are extra lightweight and breathable.

They are also best suited for warmer climates. Similar to silk pyjamas, Supima cottons also is a body-hugging material.


Knit pyjamas are fancy and is a stylish addition to your wardrobe. Knit pyjamas are cosy just like flannel pyjamas and can be worn in both warm and cold climates. They are super soft to touch and the material is stretchy and ideal for kids.

They are more breathable than cotton because knit pyjamas literally have tiny gaps between the seams.

I think we have successfully broken down the most common type of Pyjama material for you. Hopefully this will help you pick a perfect pair that will improve your sleep.

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