How to Pull Off a Successful Baby Shower

How to Pull Off a Successful Baby Shower

Hosting a party can be rather challenging, particularly if it is your first time. Of course, you only want to give the best party that everyone will remember. But feel proud if you are selected to host a party for a family or close friend’s baby shower. It means you are special and they trust you. It is okay to feel nervous about it. But if you have plans of becoming a professional event organizer later on, consider it as your stepping stone. And to help you get started here is how to pull off a successful baby shower that can help impress your guests.

Pick the Time and Date

Talk to the guest of honour about the best time and date for the baby shower. If you are related to the parents, you can help them make the decision and choose the design of the invitations. Send out the invitations two weeks before the baby shower. Do not forget to include the contact number of the parents so the guests can R.S.V.P anytime.

Know the Number of Guests

Once you get the complete list of the attendees in the baby shower, it is time to create a budget – for the food, venue, decorations, giveaways, etc. Do your very best not to overspend.

Book a Venue

If the parents’ budget is rather limited, they can have the baby shower at their backyard. It is intimate and they do not have to pay for the venue fee anymore. But if it is the other way around, you need to find a venue that will suit their taste. Moreover, consider the number of attendees. If it is over 100, you can book in a hotel or restaurant, which is the usual choice of people. However, you can consider other options, too, for instance, a library or garden. Check the whole place before booking a schedule. If you choose an outdoor setting, have a back-up plan, as the weather is unpredictable.

Choose the Best Baby Decorations

The decorations for the baby shower do not need to be grand. Balloons make an excellent décor. Do not forget to shop for cups, napkins, and paper plates, too, as they are part of the décor.


A party like a baby shower is never complete with some fun and exciting games. Pick the right prizes that are nice and practical. If there are guests that are expecting, include baby items like baby feeding gear, cot quilt cover , etc.


Food is the heart of any party. See to it that you prepare the best food choices for your guests. Know if there are guests who have special dietary needs due to allergy and religion. Appetizers and finger food are the best options for this kind of event. Do not forget the baby shower cake in your list as well. The cake should be able to feed all your guests. You can have some cupcakes, too!

Create a memorable baby shower party for everyone by following these tips. Happy Baby Showering!

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