How to Become a Lawyer
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How to Become a Lawyer

If you want to have a better life in the future, you need to work hard for it. All the more you need to make an effort if you don’t have a silver spoon in your mouth. Hence, you have to set a goal for yourself and your family. Do it as soon as you start coming to school. Picture yourself what do you want to be someday. Do you want to become a doctor, nurse, or lawyer? The latter is an excellent choice if you want to give justice to people who deserve it. Should you want to become a lawyer someday, keep reading everything below.

Develop the Skills Needed to Become a Lawyer

If you’re in high school and you want to become a lawyer in the future, you need to develop the skills needed to be successful in this industry. Take note that it isn’t for the faint of heart. You have to stay committed to it even until you’re already practicing in a law firm or other sectors. Moreover, you need to learn how to read and write fast, practice your handwriting, and boost your English communication skills. Start a good study habit. Schedule a time for it and make sure to take a breather in between.

Get a Bachelor’s Degree in a College or University

Should you want to take up law in the future, you need to have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Arts and Sciences with concentration or subject as major on Economics, English, History, Logic, Political Science, and Spanish. Most law schools won’t mind about the specific subject that the person majors in, so if you’re taking up Chemistry or nursing, you’re qualified to take up law, still. However, if you’re keen in property law, you need to have a degree math or technical science.

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Take the LSAT

Take the LSAT or Law School Admission Test. This is required by any law school. They use it to evaluate the applicants. It may not be the biggest measure of how you’ll perform in your college or university but majority of law schools place a lot of weight on the LSAT scores.

Study Law

Before you become eligible to take the bar examination, you need to study law or typically the JD or Juris Doctor for four years. There are different specialties with legal practice and you have to choose a program that you like such as criminal, environmental, family law, property or real estate. Remember law schools have their own requirements in terms of admission and graduation.

Take and Pass the Bar Examination

The last step to becoming a lawyer is to take and pass the bar examination. Keep in mind that the bar examination won’t be easy so you have to be prepared for it. The bar examination typically is composed of essay and multiple-choice questions. Once you pass, you can work as one of the no win no pay lawyers. You can help people who are injured at work, etc.


Enjoy your career as a lawyer so you’ll never have to work a day in your life, and never stop learning. Always take time to read. It will help you keep up with the ever-changing needs of society.

Become a lawyer and be there for people who are in need of legal support.

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