Easy Makeup Tips for Beginners
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Easy Makeup Tips for Beginners

Have you been dying to wear makeup like the pros on YouTube? Have you been binge-watching makeup tutorials? Girl, we feel you!

It’s not easy to get started if you’re a beginner but remember, a pro was once a beginner. So if you think it will be impossible for you to pull off makeup as graceful of pros, you’ve got it wrong. With the right tips, you can go ahead.

Of course, you’ll have lousy makeup days, and you might apply too much foundation or too little lipstick. It’s okay because practice makes everything perfect. When you do it wrong, you realize that you shouldn’t repeat it.

Anyway, we’ve got some makeup tips for you and hope you’d find them helpful.

Test your foundation on your jawline

We often see beginners testing the foundation on their arms. Well, if you think about it, you will realize that it doesn’t make any sense. First off, you don’t apply makeup on your arm. Second off, your arm colour is different from your face.

You should test your foundation on your jawline because that’s where you’re going to apply makeup on. Also, make sure to blend on your neck. However, most of the time, you’d be asked to test on your arm. If that’s the case, politely disagree and explain to them how to do it.

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Image Source: Pexels

Don’t purchase a product without doing your research

It’s apparent that you’re tempted to try various products. Perhaps, you want to do your own makeup after watching those tutorials on YouTube.

But trust us, you shouldn’t rush into decisions when purchasing makeup products. Even if you can find good makeup shops Melbourne based, you should do your research first.

You’d be applying these products on your face, so check whether they are tested, verified, and approved.

Hide your blemishes and dark circles

Blemishes and dark circles are the hardest to conceal. Pro makeup artists have their tricks to conceal them when putting on makeup for their clients.

But as a beginner, you should know the simple tricks to conceal them. If you don’t hide them, even if you spend hours perfecting your makeup, it’ll be of no use. The final look of your makeup will be ruined, so make sure to hide your blemishes and dark circles.

To conceal your blemishes and dark circles, make sure to use a concealer that would do the trick.

Apply foundation as if it’s naturally done

If you don’t apply evenly, you will end up creating the look that you never wanted. When you use a foundation, it should look natural.

As a beginner, you might fail two or three times getting it right, but you’ll get through this. Just a little practice is all that you need. Remember, if you don’t select the proper foundation, you will not get the perfect look even if you apply it evenly.

So, select the best foundation for your skin.

Don’t ignore the eyes

Even if you are a beginner, you’d already know that eyes drive attention. To perfect your look, you need to do your eyes in the best possible way.

It takes a lot of turns and a lot of time to do the eyes, but it’s all worth it. However, you have to decide the style based on your overall makeup look. For example, you don’t need fancy winged eyeliners if you are opting for a simple look.

Anyway, we hope these tips will help you get your makeup done near-perfectly.

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