Benchmade Sibert Adamas 275bksn Knife Review

Benchmade Sibert Adamas 275bksn Knife Review

Benchmade’s Sibert Adamas knife is one of the excellent survival knives manufactured in the United states. It seems and feels much like a battle knife however, the Adamas is not categorized as military. Nevertheless, the feel, the durability, and the quality give it more real worth to its average cost of $150. This benchmade sibert adamasreview will talk about the Benchmade business, features and advantages of the knife, and its user reviews.

Producer and Developer of Adamas Sibert

The Benchmade Adamas Sibert is named after its designer, Shane Sibert, who specially designed it honoring the patriotism of American soldiers. The production business Benchmade is a well-known knife company. Their work started with production of Bali- Track knives back in the 80s and finally spanned into a variety of survival knives. Through the years, Benchmade has confirmed its brand’s level of quality to customers and stayed exact to its timeless motto that many acknowledge: It is not only a knife. It is Benchmade.

Adamas Sibert Feature and Dimension: Benefits and Drawbacks

• The Adamas Sibert 275 is definitely a fairly big folding knife and seems understandably aggressive. It really is 8. 7 inches long and reduces right into a 5-inch handle when folded. However, it falls beneath the DURABLE category, popular to the others because the Dark Class. It weighs nearly 8 ounces, and the handle is made from machined G10 aluminum. The deal with color can be sand and blends well with the dark coating of the blade. The handle is really a beauty alone; it comes with an AXIS fasten and ambidextrous thumb studs. Nearly every person can simply set up a good grip upon this knife and maintain it actually throughout action despite its obvious heaviness. It really is easily apparent, though, that Sibert had produced the control with three huge holes inside it.

• The style is not done purely for the purpose of physical appeal. Actually, its purpose is to lessen the knife’s general weight, and it can so effectively. The handle is hardly an inch solid and houses the D2 gadget steel blade easily.

• For comfort, the pocket clip is certainly tip-up and inversible, again which makes it flexible for all sorts of users. Both left-handed and right-handed people can simply manage this quality knife easily.

• The overall blade length reaches 3.82 inches and simply 0.16 thicker. However, its hardness gets to 60-62 HTC that makes it surprisingly durable despite how thin it is. The mix of the space, thickness, and firmness makes an almost ideal feel for carving and cutting through rather rigid components.

• The tip is drop level; therefore, it is the kind of knife you can absolutely utilize for self-defense. One can certainly unfold the knife with one hand, because of the AXIS secure; nevertheless, Benchmade added an item to the merchandise for extra safety.

• The benchmade sibert adamas has a MOLLE pocket clip pouch. It is mildly light and manufactured from nylon and is preferred to be utilized to avoid inadvertently opening the blade.


Overall, 275bksn knife rates are as high as 9/10. It is worth rates at 9/10. Its overall performance is generally above average and rates at around 9. 3/10 and quality at 9/10. It actually is an ideal fight or tactical knife yet would most likely rate more or flawlessly with some weight shaved off.

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