Bamboo Underwear: Why it is the better choice
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Bamboo Underwear: Why it is the better choice

The shift in the fashion industry from the cotton apparel to the bamboo ones is a trend in 2020. With the growing awareness of the environment, it is interesting to note this current shift.

Environmentalists cite the increased usage of water with cotton fabrics and their harvesting is a matter of concern. Moreover, the disposal of waste into water bodies that are causing harm to the aquatic life is a matter of concern.

Keeping these things in mind, the growth of the bamboo fabric industry is seeing positive light. Moreover, the comfort provided by the bamboo fabric is more compared to the cotton ones, thus their usage as soft apparels is also increasing.

In this article, we shall explore the top 5 reasons shifting to the bamboo underwear is always the best option available in the current fashion trend.

1.    Comfort to the skin: Cotton apparels have been in the news due to their soft and delicate nature. But, it was only until then when bamboo fabrics were not in use

With the discovery of bamboo fabric, their comfort and delicacy make the fabric the most comfortable ones in the market. Moreover, the absorption power and the natural anti-biotic properties make this a better alternative.

2.    Addition to environmental friendliness: With the growth of the cotton the apparel industry, more cotton needs to be harvested.

The increasing demand for cotton will require more water for the growth of cotton plants. With the use of dyes and other chemical substances, there is a rise to the waste disposal threats which increases the harm to the environment.

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Image Source: Unsplash

On the other hand, the use of the bamboo fabric reduces the water requirement needed for harvesting. Moreover, bamboo plants need not be cut off for extracting the bamboo fabric.

This makes bamboo a better alternative to the cotton fabric for making the apparel.

3.    Ease of washing: Cleaning and washing the bamboo underwear is simpler compared to its competitors. Moreover, washing bamboo underwear can be done in warm or cold water.

Air drying of the bamboo underwear is an enhancement in the cleaning mechanism of the bamboo fabric which makes it better to have.

4.     The breathability of the underwear: The fabric of the underwear is easily breathable which allows the skin under the fabric to receive proper ventilation. It is important that your fabric allows free flow of air.

The growth of the skin develops through proper moisture and proper ventilation. It is important to note that bamboo fabric has natural moisture that enhances product quality.

5.    Lesser skin irritation: The fabrics which are made of the bamboo are better as they reduce the irritability of the skin. With the high moisture content for the sensitive skin, the wriggling and irritability of the skin are reduced.

It will also play a major part in reducing the growth of bacteria and fungi, thus reducing odor too.

How to avail bamboo underwear?

You can purchase the latest designs of bamboo underwear mens Australia, which are carved as per the trends. With the perfect sizes and the healthy solution to your delicate organs, the bamboo fabric should be your fashion choice in 2020. 

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